About us


Meet Jen

I am Jen, owner and creator of Bump into Fitness and our programmes.

I am  Personal Trainer and nutritionist with  specialised interest in the Antenatal period and postnatal rehabilitation.


My passion is helping women reconnect with their bodies! I love to know that I can help women fall in love, sometimes for the first time - with themselves.

As mothers, we often loose sight of ourselves... Part of what we do here is create time for mummy's to put themselves first. 

Meet Hayley

I am Hayley, I am a mum of three girls. I joined the BIF team two years ago after completing the program myself.


I am fully qualified Personal trainer and specialise in Pre natal and Postnatal exercise.


I myself suffered from a diastsis Recti for 8 years from my first pregnancy and was given no help until my smallest was 3 years old, so I understand the journey.


I joined BIF because I wanted to help women at one of the most fragile times in their life. Being a part of their recovery journey, helping them to regain strength and be stronger than before and watching their bonds grow is a really exciting part of my job.


I take classes in Longton, Kingsley and Cheadle and also take Personal Training sessions in Longton.

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