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Hello, I’m Jen. I am a Personal Trainer specialising in Pre and Postnatal. I live in Staffordshire with my little boy and our cat Rosie.

I became a specialist trainer just after having my baby, and struggling to find a program to work to for my own fitness level. I wanted to help other mums discover how movement and nutrition can enhance your strength and build your endurance ready for the birth and prepare for the recovery when your precious baby arrives.

Being able to work with women during their pregnancy, help them recover and create a lifestyle that suits and compliments the life they want to lead is my absolute dream job and it always brings a smile to my face when people choose to train with me.

My favourite things to do are dancing round the living room with my little one, lifting heavy things and getting outside in the great outdoors.

What is the  BIF programme?

 Bump into fitness is a specialised wellness program utilising all the pillars of health to empower you through your motherhood journey. We use movement, nutrition and relaxation to empower you to understand your body through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. 

We use the latest research with quality content to push the boundaries of what a mother 'should' move to create a programme that is challenging yet restorative,​ We support the mother in deciding what she feels is right for her and how she needs to be cared for, encouraging her to seek the help she needs. We believe in putting the woman at the centre of her motherhood journey and getting her results based on what she feels is right for her.

I can not wait to welcome you to our program and watch you progress to become stronger and more confident in your amazing body. 

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